Smashcast weighs in on “Waiting for Superman”

May 29, 2011 in Community, Education, Featured, Opinion, SMASHCast, Video by

A few weeks ago at Smashcast we watched a documentary called Waiting for Superman. Waiting for Superman is a documentary about the ineffectiveness of the public school system, focusing on public schools in Washington D.C.

After watching the movie, a couple of Scholars got in from of a green screen and talked about out thoughts. In this video, we focused on two key ideas: teacher evaluations and how we would improve the public school system. Along with these two motifs, teacher tenure, student test scores, teachers unions, and charter schools.

Just to add some context to the video: In the beginning, there are four senior SMASH scholars that introduce themselves. The scholars will be in the center of the video, with school logos on their left and right sides. The logo on their left side is the high school that they came from. the logo on their right side is the college they will be attending in the fall. First up is Kenmond, who went Castro Valley High School and will be attending UC Davis in the fall. Next is Megan who went to Evergreen Valley High School. She’ll be attending Stanford University in the Fall. I went to Independence High School and I’ll be going to Middlebury College in the fall. Last but not least in Estefania who went to Menlo School and will be attending MIT in the fall.