December 4, 2011 in Desmos, Desmos, Education, SMASHCast by

Today we started with a quick crash-course in programming with Adobe Flash. We learned to setup variables  and trace functions.  Afterwards, the CEO of Desmos, which is an improvement of the TutorTrove program, introduced us to his new products: one, a graphing calculator that allows you to graph online and change different aspects of your functions. The second product was a Whiteboard  where we could create graphs through functions.  We used the Whiteboard and our knowledge about the manipulation of functions to create images such as ships, trees, and more abstract pieces of artwork. While I was experimenting I had the opportunity to create a house, attempted to draw a tree, and started a ship.

We then moved onto experimental programming with the Desmos Whiteboards. The Whiteboard programming combined many separate programming language, like Flash and JavaScript. We started our Desmos  Whiteboard programming by creating simple buttons that, when clicked, would make the “Hello World” show up. We continued to build by learning how to move objects. We started with a simple “.css” movement that moved once when called upon. Once that was accomplished, we coded it so our object would have continuous movement. Spending the day coding with Desmos was not only a learning opportunity in programming, but also an new way to make math interactive.