May 15, 2010 in Art and Photography, SMASHCast by

We here at SMASHCast have come across a little problem.

When we work at conferences, what will be our identifying features? Will it be our charisma? Will it be our t-shirts? Will we have i.d. badges? Or, will we just blend in?

Hopefully, with the launch of our new campaign, we will be more readily recognized. We are working on creating t-shirts, business cards, flyers and i.d. badges. I was in charge of creating the latter. I knew that I originally wanted a paint splatter with “smashcast” going across. I knew that I had to put our logo and url somewhere on the card as well, so I went onto photoshop to work some magic. In the end, this is the version I liked the best. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.