Desmos Virtual Whiteboard

December 10, 2011 in Desmos, Desmos by

In Smashcast on Saturday we learned about Desmos. The Desmos Virtual Whiteboard is an interactive program that allows a tutor to physically show their student what to do without being with them face to face. The Desmos creator spoke with us about how he came up with such an awesome idea and how it evolved to be what it is today. After a quick lecture we played with the program to create pictures with mathematical equations. Mines included a boat, tree, and house.

The Desmos Virtual Whiteboard was a fun way for us to interact with math, technology, and a little artistic creativity. It is also very helpful because sometimes my friends sometimes ask me a question about math homework but are not physically with me. It is confusing when I try to explain it because they can not see what I am talking about. The Desmos whiteboard solves this problem. I would definitely like to use this next time I try to help someone with homework or when someone tries to help me.