SMASHCAST is the Communications And Social Technology (CAST) program of the Summer Math And Science Honors (SMASH) Academy.

Smashcast is a year-round technology course for high school students of color with demonstrated interests in STEM related fields. The course meets regularly throughout the year and provides students with technical proficiencies to compete in college-level courses in computer science, design, and digital media. Students develop these proficiencies through a continuous cycle of exposure, practice, and application as they engage with project-based learning in the areas of Digital Media Journalism, Computer Science, and Communication Design.

This intensive integrated curriculum allows students to develop their technical proficiencies while learning how these same skills can be applied to create positive social impact in their communities. By integrating socially relevant themes with technical skill development, the course motivates students to understand foundational programming concepts, learn professional production software, and engage in challenging projects that require creative problem solving and a solid understanding of college-level math and science concepts.

The program bridges technology skills with technology careers, by creating opportunities for students to engage with tech professionals and gain real-world work experience in technology and media related disciplines. Through guest speaker engagements, internships with tech companies, and opportunities to earn income through youth-driven client-services, Smashcast students get a head start on the path to tech careers.

The class meets regularly on Saturdays, providing students with an opportunity to connect with other SMASH scholars and further their interests in technology, new media, and creativity. The SMASHCAST blog is a platform for the SMASH scholars to share their work and communicate with each other throughout the school year.